Want to sell your house quickly, but without giving your house away in an auction or to the ‘quick sale’ type companies?

  • We get you the same or more than you would get through an estate agent but without any fees.
  • NO PRICE CHANGE GUARANTEE” - once we agree a price for your house we guarantee that doesn't change (ask other sellers or quick sale type companies to do this!).
  • You have absolutely no costs whatsoever to pay ourselves at any time.

First Time Buyer Solutions sell houses by being proactive and getting people with little or no deposit, who wouldn’t be available through an estate agent, into a position to buy.

At present we have lots of people, who are in need of our help to make that all-important first step on the property ladder, waiting for houses throughout the Yorkshire region. (We are looking for houses suitable for first time buyers between £60,000 and £140,000).

There is no need to take your house off the market with your existing estate agents, simply think of us as another option.
Surely two options are better than relying on just one!
With no fees to pay ourselves you have absolutely nothing to lose and maybe that all-important house sale to gain­.


So if you're selling a house and think it could be suitable for a First Time Buyer either call us, email or send us a Facebook private message


0113 3470227