First Time Buyer Solutions are passionate about helping local people take that all important first step onto the property ladder.

Many young people living at home or renting are in the frustrating position of being able to get a mortgage yet due to having little or no deposit are unable to buy their first home.

Even more annoying is when rent is far more a month than the cost of owning your own home.

First time buyer solutions don’t just have an available list of properties like an estate agent. We pride ourselves in offering something a little bit extra when compared to other companies in that once someone is approved for a mortgage we will work on a one to one basis and look for properties specifically for them.

We are always there to answer any questions and guide people every step of the way from the first enquiry to getting the keys to their first house.

So how does it work in practice?

The first stage after somebody makes an initial enquiry is to get a credit search done with someone like Experian or We can then look at the best options mortgage wise (being able to get a mortgage is the most important thing with what we do).

Once we know somebody is OK in terms of getting a mortgage, we will then make a note of their requirements house-wise, such as area, number of bedrooms etc.

All suitable houses will always be first offered to people, whose details we already have registered, before ever being advertised elsewhere.

First Time Buyers Daniel and Helen Illingworth, who were fed up of renting but struggling to buy due to not having the deposit needed, provide a good example of the process works (click on images for details).

Within 8 weeks of first speaking to them we had not only found them a house that exactly matched their requirements (3 bed semi, Leafield Terrace, 200 metres from Wellington School) but they'd already moved in!

The review by Helen clearly illustrates how much buying their first home means to people.


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